Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO App Only

6,416 Hrs

These estimates only cover the front-end client for Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Splash Screen, DOB and Sign Up / Login

1 x Pokémon GO - Register & Sign In

This module registers users through email or their Google account. Users can later reset their password.

12 Hrs
Pokémon GO Loading

1 x Pokémon GO - Guided Tour & Tips

When the app is opened, and while data is being loaded, tips advice and warnings are shown to the users. All content shown is from within the app. There is no backend CMS to manage this content.

24 Hrs
Pokémon GO Map
Pokémon GO - Throw Pokéballs

1 x Pokémon GO - Catch Pokémon

Catching Pokémons can be with Augmented Reality (AR) or on a virtual ground. In Augmented Reality, the Pokémon is placed in the user's surrounding.

120 Hrs
Pokémon GO - Gym Fight
Pokémon GO - Pokémon Profile

151 x Pokémon GO - Character

This feature is to build a single Pokémon character. As of now, Pokémon Go has 151 characters in the game.

32 Hrs
Poke Stop

1 x Pokémon GO - Poke Stops

Allows players to collect items such as eggs, revives and potions. After the users has collected items, they have to wait for 5 minutes before they can collect more items.

120 Hrs
Pokémon GO Profile

1 x Pokémon GO - Player Profile

Users are able to change their profile information, customize avatar, review journal and view achievements.

400 Hrs
Pokémon GO - Shop

1 x Pokémon GO - Shop

Pokémon GO shop allows users to purchase Pokémon Items using in-app purchases.

80 Hrs
Pokémon & Eggs

21 x Pokémon GO - Item

Pokémon items that enhance game play in different ways. This estimate is for a single item. Pokémon Go has 21 known items.

32 Hrs
Google Analytics

1 x Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics integration to capture important metrics that show real insight to the business.

32 Hrs


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