Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO MVP + Back-end

1,704 Hrs

These estimates only cover a minimal clone of Pokémon GO game. The estimates are for a single client and back-end

Pokémon GO Splash Screen, DOB and Sign Up / Login

1 x Pokémon GO - Register & Sign In

This module registers users through email or their Google account. Users can later reset their password.

12 Hrs
Pokémon GO Map
Pokémon GO - Throw Pokéballs

1 x Pokémon GO - Catch Pokémon

Catching Pokémons can be with Augmented Reality (AR) or on a virtual ground. In Augmented Reality, the Pokémon is placed in the user's surrounding.

120 Hrs
Pokémon GO - Gym Fight
Pokémon GO - Pokémon Profile

5 x Pokémon GO - Character

This feature is to build a single Pokémon character. As of now, Pokémon Go has 151 characters in the game.

32 Hrs
Poke Stop

1 x Pokémon GO - Poke Stops

Allows players to collect items such as eggs, revives and potions. After the users has collected items, they have to wait for 5 minutes before they can collect more items.

120 Hrs
Pokémon GO Profile

1 x Pokémon GO - Player Profile

Users are able to change their profile information, customize avatar, review journal and view achievements.

400 Hrs
Pokémon GO - Shop

1 x Pokémon GO - Shop

Pokémon GO shop allows users to purchase Pokémon Items using in-app purchases.

80 Hrs
Pokémon & Eggs

5 x Pokémon GO - Item

Pokémon items that enhance game play in different ways. This estimate is for a single item. Pokémon Go has 21 known items.

32 Hrs
Google Analytics

1 x Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics integration to capture important metrics that show real insight to the business.

32 Hrs
Profile API

1 x API - Gamer Profile

The player profile APIs allow for editing profile information, viewing achievements and customizing avatars.

120 Hrs
Maps API

1 x API - Mapping

The mapping API will use services like Google Maps, Yelp or Foursquare to provide location aware information.

120 Hrs
Core gaming API

1 x API - Pokémon GO Gaming Engine

This feature implements the core gaming APIs.

240 Hrs
Register and Login using OAuth

1 x API - Register & Sign In Using Email

This feature provides the backend functions for registering a user using email.

Register & Sign In With Google

1 x API - Register & Sign In With Google

This features adds API support for registering and signing in using Google.



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