Set your current location as the pick up location. Or scroll on the map and set a different location. See available rides nearby. Select type of ride. Ability to enter address for starting and ending points.
On the map, displays the location of ride and approximate time to arrival.Map screen while the ride is in progress. Shows time to destination, driver information and information on person sharing ride.See final bill, information on the driver and rate them.

Uber – Map Screen

200 Hrs

The map screen shows available rides nearby. Users enter destination and select a ride to use. Rides can be tracked as they arrive and during the trip. Receipt is shown at the end with ability to rate the driver.


Product Description

  • Find available rides nearby.
  • Scroll to see availability of rides in other locations.
  • Enter starting and ending addresses.
  • View ride information as it arrives and during the trip.
  • View total fare
  • Rate driver.
  • Fares are calculated based on the minimum fare, fare per minute and fare per mile. These fares are set in the backend for a location and a given radius.


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