Uber Partners App

Uber Partners App + Back-end

1,408 Hrs

These estimates only cover the Uber Partners Application used by drivers to sell their services on Uber. For the system to be complete, you would also need to build the companion Uber Rider Application.

The estimates are for a single client and complete back-end

User selects if they want to sign in or register.

1 x Uber Partner - Register & Sign In

This module registers users through email and their mobile number is verified. Admin approves the user before they are allowed to login. Users can later reset their password.

12 Hrs
Uber Partner Maps

1 x Uber Partner - Map Screen

The map screen for partner shows information about potential customers. Once the driver accepts a ride, trip information with directions are shown.

200 Hrs
Uber Partner Earnings

1 x Uber Partner - Earnings

Account is credited on every successful ride. Earnings paid out to Partner periodically.

20 Hrs
Uber Partner Trip History

1 x Uber Partner - Trip History

Shows details of past trips taken.

16 Hrs
Invite friends from whatsapp, email, text messages, facebook and twitter.

1 x Uber Partner - Share

Invite friends using whatsapp, email, text, facebook and twitter to earn money.

24 Hrs
Uber Partner Notification

1 x Uber Partner - Notifications

Notifications in Uber facilitate users during their trip. Special offers to partners to encourage them to use the service.

200 Hrs
Uber Partner Profile

1 x Uber Partner - Settings

Manage account and vehicle information.

200 Hrs
Google Analytics

1 x Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics integration to capture important metrics that show real insight to the business.

32 Hrs
Register and Login using OAuth

1 x API - Register & Sign In Using Email

This feature provides the backend functions for registering a user using email.

Mobile Number Verification

1 x API - Mobile Number Verification

This features adds API support for mobile number verification using Twilio.


1 x API - Social Invitation

Social invitation API

24 Hrs
Stripe Integration

1 x API - Stripe Payment Integration

Stripe payments integration.

40 Hrs
API - Transactions

1 x API - Transaction History

History of all transactions conducted on the platform with their details and a possibility to rate / review the experience.

24 Hrs
Settings API

1 x API - Uber Settings

API for Uber like settings functionality: manage account, profiles, family and connect with Spotify for on trip entertainment.

300 Hrs
Ride Sharing API

1 x API - Ride Sharing API

This ride sharing core API incorporates Uber like sharing features.

300 Hrs


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