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Uber Rider App Only

812 Hrs

These estimates only cover the front-end client for popular Uber Rider Application used by customers to book a ride.

User selects if they want to sign in or register.

1 x Uber - Register & Sign In

This module registers users through email or facebook and their mobile number is verified. Users can later reset their password.

12 Hrs
Set your current location as the pick up location. Or scroll on the map and set a different location. See available rides nearby. Select type of ride. Ability to enter address for starting and ending points.

1 x Uber - Map Screen

The map screen shows available rides nearby. Users enter destination and select a ride to use. Rides can be tracked as they arrive and during the trip. Receipt is shown at the end with ability to rate the driver.

200 Hrs
List of trips taken sorted latest first. Route taken and final fare.

1 x Uber - Trip History

Shows details of past trips taken. The need help feature is separate and is not included here.

16 Hrs
Get help on a specific trip or generally on your account.

1 x Uber - Need Help

The help system from uber is pretty complex and will require integration with a backend CMS to get help articles. It will also require building a smart wizard to understand trips and guide users to satisfactory answers regarding those trips.

100 Hrs
Add payment methods to be used to pay for rides.

1 x Uber - Payment Methods

Manage payment methods a user can use to pay for the rides.

20 Hrs
Invite friends from whatsapp, email, text messages, facebook and twitter.

1 x Uber - Share

Invite friends using whatsapp, email, text, facebook and twitter to potentially get discounts on future rides.

24 Hrs
Enter promo code to get discounted rides.

1 x Uber - Promotions

Users register promo codes that allow discounts on one or more future rides.

Engage users through push notiications

1 x Uber - Notifications

Notifications in Uber facilitate users during their trip. Special offers and discount are also offered to users to encourage them to use the service.

200 Hrs
Manager your profiles, favourite places linked accounts.

1 x Uber - Settings

Manage account, profiles, family and connect with Spotify for on trip entertainment.

200 Hrs
Google Analytics

1 x Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics integration to capture important metrics that show real insight to the business.

32 Hrs


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