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Uber Rider Back-end Only

1,028 Hrs

These estimates only cover the back-end for popular Uber Rider Application used by customers to book a ride.

Register and Login using OAuth

1 x API - Register & Sign In Using Email

This feature provides the backend functions for registering a user using email.

Register & Sign In With Facebook

1 x API - Register & Sign In With Facebook

This features adds API support for registering and signing in using Facebook.

Mobile Number Verification

1 x API - Mobile Number Verification

This features adds API support for mobile number verification using Twilio.

Ride Sharing API

1 x API - Ride Sharing API

This ride sharing core API incorporates Uber like sharing features.

300 Hrs
Stripe Integration

1 x API - Stripe Payment Integration

Stripe payments integration.

40 Hrs

1 x API - CMS

API to retrieve articles, posts and menu from a CMS system.

300 Hrs
Settings API

1 x API - Uber Settings

API for Uber like settings functionality: manage account, profiles, family and connect with Spotify for on trip entertainment.

300 Hrs

1 x API - Promocode

This API implements promo codes and ability to redeem them.

16 Hrs
API - Transactions

1 x API - Transaction History

History of all transactions conducted on the platform with their details and a possibility to rate / review the experience.

24 Hrs

1 x API - Social Invitation

Social invitation API

24 Hrs


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