Cost To Build An App Like Uber

How much would it cost to build an app like Uber?

The Uber economy is built around several software applications. This article only explores the popular Uber rider application used by customers to book a ride. For the system to be complete, you would also need to build the Uber Partners App.

Due to Uber’s size, the complexities of the system and infrastructure increases manyfold. The quotes here do not address those complexities. Instead, we are estimating the effort for building the first version of a product which will be improved for performance as the user base increases.

For the sake of completeness, all known features are being listed here. Here we discuss the cost to build an app like Uber, these estimates are for a native or a cross-platform app on only one of either iOS, Android or Windows.




The actual costs will depend on the hourly rate of team selected and the engagement model. Here are the costs with typical rates:

SolutionEffortTime & MaterialFixed Price
(30% over t&m)
Hourly Rate: $25.00 - Completely offshore team
Uber Rider App + Back-end1,840 Hrs$46,000$59,800
Uber Rider MVP + Back-end852 Hrs$21,300$27,690
Uber Rider App Only812 Hrs$20,300$26,390
Uber Rider Back-end Only1,028 Hrs$25,700$33,410
Hourly Rate: $50.00 - Offshore team with onsite Account Manager
Uber Rider App + Back-end1,840 Hrs$92,000$119,600
Uber Rider MVP + Back-end852 Hrs$42,600$55,380
Uber Rider App Only812 Hrs$40,600$52,780
Uber Rider Back-end Only1,028 Hrs$51,400$66,820
Hourly Rate: $100.00 - Onsite / Nearshore team
Uber Rider App + Back-end1,840 Hrs$184,000$239,200
Uber Rider MVP + Back-end852 Hrs$85,200$110,760
Uber Rider App Only812 Hrs$81,200$105,560
Uber Rider Back-end Only1,028 Hrs$102,800$133,640

These infrastructure cost estimates are for 25,000 registered users:

Amazon Web Services Hosting (AWS)2 t2.large instances reserved with full payment, Amazon Dynamo and Elastic Load Balancer$3,000 per year
Stripe Payment ProcessingPayment API for receiving payments2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
Carnival.ioUser engagement with push notifications$250 per month (estimated)

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